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So you want to make a corporate video for your organization. Are you doing this because everyone else is also doing? Making a corporate video involves several factors -

Understanding your needs - Why do you need a corporate video? A corporate video helps others understand you company better. Well then there are websites, brochures, blogs...In today's fast paced world does your prospect have the time read through pages of text?  A visual is worth million words. More websites are soon replacing their text content with videos. It works better.


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Making a Corporate Video
What is a Good Corporate Film?


A corporate video can be used in multiple scenarios. In trade fairs, exhibitions, in websites, as a sales tool, as an orientation material for new inductees. The videos can be tailored with different flavors for different audiences.

Not again! - Your sales person may be tired of talking the same things about your organization again and again. He may miss out on crucial points. After all he is human! A corporate video speaks about your organization with authenticity.

Finding the right corporate video vendor - You probably look out for vendors on Google. Well! There are so many...You call a few of them, see their demos and ask them to put forward their proposal. But just wait! But does that dispel all your apprehensions? Will he deliver? What about quality? Does he understand our needs? Can he give something out of the box? Does he understand corporate communication?

It's not local anymore - Today the competition is global. You should seek vendors who work at the global level. They should have hands on experience working with multinationals, have a great portfolio of work, have qualified crew and have in-house resources and time to support you whenever you need them.

Plan your resources - A corporate video is not an inexpensive commodity. You cannot leave it to your vendor with a dump of information. Work on your briefs. Spend time with the scripts repeatedly so that you and your vendor are at the same wavelength. Give him space for his creativity. After all he brings in the experience. You spell out your expectation. Get involved at every stage.

Penny wise - Do not cut corners at petty things. If a shoot requires two days. Don't make it one. All creative things take time. Choose a great voiceover artiste not a common one. The quality of your product suffers.

Good and Bad Feedback - Review script, footages, animation etc. from time to time. Give more feedback on facts and compliance rather than on creativity. Trust your creative director. Do not change your mind often after the script is frozen. This breaks the plan of creative continuity and your audiovisual starts looking poor.