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Here are some of the frequently asked questions that will give you an insight into things that are involved in making a corporate video

About his Studio
Why Make Coporate Film with Santanu?
What you can expect?
How much does it cost?
How is the work flow?


production house mumbaiEquipped with the state-of-the-art equipment and software, his studio has all the gears to meet even the most complex production challenge. An in-depth know-how of these tools helps him focus on utmost creativity rather than working around these tools!

Professional non-linear editing suites, recording suites, multiple workstations, mixing consoles, samplers, special effects libraries, studio microphones, keyboard controllers, 3 CCD camera, spotlights, large monitors, high speed networks and super-band internet, power backup makes his studio what it is.

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Making a Corporate Video
What is a Good Corporate Film?


Howsoever good a product or a service, promoting them these days is getting more difficult. Only the right commercials on TV get business. Half efforts aren’t any good! Spend well on quality or don’t do it.

Keeping this philosophy in mind, Santanu strives to make films for you that –

  • Are Classy, Contemporary and Sleek
  • Help you reach out to even international customers and in turn make your clients come to buying decisions more easily
  • Projects a Larger-Than-Life image of your company thus elevating the dignity n style of your organization
  • Are Innovative and stands apart from regular stuff

Coming from an advertising background and with 20 years of experience in audiovisuals, and more than 1000 productions for MNCs, government & PSUs, Engineering, Pharmaceuticals, Financial, IT, Real Estate & SMBs, He uses certain key strategies to make your film cut abouve the rest.


For a corporate audiovisual to be successful, it should communicate effectively to its target audience, make your client understand you better, easily, visually and come to a buying decision quickly.

  1. Make a smart script – A film is not about saying everything. But saying the right things. It is important to convert all your thoughts into a 3-minute tightly written script copy. It is not necessary to bloat your presentation with information as in a typical PowerPoint. Instead, like in those smart ads, it should just talk quickly about the main topics in a short time. In today’s fast paced life no one has the time to see even a 10-minute film. Most often, most expensively made presentations, brochures, leaflets go straight to trash bins! And that’s a fact.
  2. Use a strong concept – We say that the end user has less time. Then, how to catch his attention in a short time? Use concepts that remain in his memory. We should use concepts that laymen can associate with. Your prospective customer may not be a guru in your subject. Explain the story in his language / from his point of view. Draw analogy from simple things around us.
  3. Use the best voice over – A corporate film is enhanced by about 80% by just adding a great voice to it. Anything less than this will ruin it.
  4. Keep it short – Although several hours of footage are shot during the shoot, the main presentation should not exceed 2 –3 minutes. Harnessing on the new age interative media, the rest of the data should be used for other films explaining the process, HR, locations, past history etc. User can dig into more information in detail from the second section. To save cost, during planning, shoot a complete and comprehensive film that can be fine-tuned later from the same content to be used for trade fairs, events, abridged corporate profile, internal presentations, HR (new recruit orientation tool) and web promotion to name a few. Such smaller presentations can be made later at a nominal costs.
  5. Use models and anchors - Unguided films are not personalized. Use of anchors who can guide through the presnation along with computer graphics makes the subject interesting and easy to understand. A anchor can also acts as an employee of the organization who takes the viewer through a guided tour of the film. Use of green screen techniques can increase the visual appeal.
  6. Use employee testimonials – Using employee testimonials give your viewer credibility of your company. They act as “a proof of concept” for what you want to say. All employees from senior management to the grass root should be shot to show transparency and belongingness. Smart script should be written for each of the employees to speak about the company values, or how they enjoys working
  7. Use of client / Vendor testimonial – Testimonies of clients and vendors testify the orgainsations authenticity.
  8. Use of signature music - Compose a signature music for the company that is used repeatedly to reinforce the belongingness. Having a company anthem with choir voices and a symphonic orchestra generally gives goose bumps to most employees (Like national anthems played before cricket matches). This helps tremendously in employee motivation.
  9. Logo branding – Ample use of branding helps better brand retention in the minds of the viewer.
  10. Ample use of computer graphics – Use of graphs, 3D charts, process explanation with the animated 3D block diagrams, use of animated backgrounds for anchors, other animated textual information and 3D logo animation raises the bar for visual eye candy.
  11. Orgainsation Pride” – Images of award functions, people get together, candid shots etc. help in uniting the company and brings pride in the company.
  12. B roll shots – Company location footage, office premise, process, people at work, products make the most of the main presentation..
  13. Stylized editing – Finally it is the crisp editing that makes a presentation highly stylized, sleek and branded of the international caliber.
  14. Choice of format – DV or Digital video is the standard format (720 x 576 pixels) for most industrial shoots in India. Most multimedia projectors, plasma in India use this format and suffice the need. The client can use an HDV or the high definition video format (1920 x 1080 pixels) for shooting at higher resolutions. Such presentations can be played only on powerful PCs, blue ray disc player or HD projectors. Use of HDV is common in developed countries. If your target user is developed country, you should check this out. The cost of shooting and editing, CG in HDV is much higher than DV.
  15. Use of camera motion equipment – Using equipments like Jimmy jib, crane, and camera dolly brings life to a shot. Viewers like to see motion and not static images. Use of these equipments at a nominal cost is worth giving an edge to the film.
  16. Use of aerial videography – In order to depict mammoth projects, plants, or the plan of the site, aerial videography is recommended. This is accomplied with the use of helicams and remote videography. Though a little expensive it is worth giving that edge to the film.

Making a corporate film with Santanu is very cost effective compared to most others. This because is he has most resources in-house. Nevertheless, the cost can vary depending upon your needs and sophistication needed in the film. Most often the client first discusses his needs, allocated budget, subsequently, the complexity in shoots, graphics, time frame etc. are discussed before ariving at the cost.


Typically the film will be delivered within 20 man days from the date of the purchase order, if all briefs (rough contents, text matter , photographa, artworks of your company logo etc) come in time. And also if no of iterations / reviews exceed more than 2 days, the time schedule is maintained. Meanwhile, you can review intermediate versions of the film that will be upload on his server for your kind perusal and approvals from time to time.

Day 0


Assumption: The work will commence from date of first stage of payment AND an exemplary work order issued
  Schedule meeting the client, gathering briefs from the client, need analysis and brainstorming on the outlook of the final product.

2 days from gathering briefs


Completion of the script with concept, visualization and the content. Submission with copy written script / textual storyboard. Wait for approval or iterate.
  On approval freeze document and schedule video shoot. Pre production planning. Commencing postproduction activities like computer graphics, stock gathering, music, voice over recording etc.
2 – 4 days
Video shoot
2 -4 days after video shoot
Completion of CG work, editing, voice, music, mixing, etc. Submission of the first cut.
1 - 2 days Iterations, corrections, color correction, delivery in the requisite format