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A SAMPLE DEMO - filmmaking - Mumbai, Thane

Title - Bhagat Singh 3D game

Client - Mitashi Edutainment Pvt. Ltd.

Description - "RELIVE HISTORY WITH BHAGAT SINGH - The first of its kind Role Play 3D Game from Lumen Phon Multimedia and Mitashi Edutainment. Mumbai, June 22, 2002… Mitashi Edutainment and Lumen Phon Multimedia recreate magic with the launch of the first of its kind 3D game on ‘Bhagat Singh’. A game designed in a very short time to coincide with the launch of five different movies under the same name."

Please wait for a while for the demo to load. Also please note that this demo is a internet adaption of the actual project. Due to bandwidth limitation and not to violate any copyright of client data, a scaled down version have been uploaded with prior permission of the respective clients. Some demos are interactive and may need mouse interaction to continue.
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