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It is sad but true!

I meet many Marketing communication people from various organizations often.
Most Marcoms can't appreciate ideas for a cool corporate film worth talking about.
Most internal marketing departments play it safe. Safe - works for them. Safe - is easy for them. Safe will keep their job. Safe sells. Safe gets him through their superiors. Does it really?


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Making a Corporate Video
What is a Good Corporate Film?


What is safe?

A video with some shots of the people, its infrastructure, some bites, some logo animation.

But Safe doesn't converse with audience. It doesn't ignite action. Most audience disconnect at the 40th second...

Making a remarkable video for your company that works isn't difficult. It takes effort and time of both yours and creator's. If  no one is talking about your video, where is the ROI from the video.

My 20 years of experience highlights different ways your corporate video can get noticed, ignite conversations and spark some action...and keep management happy, too.

  • Tell a story. Take your audience on a journey.
  • Less is More. Don't stuff your PowerPoint slides into that. Powerpoint is already doing its job well. Neither it is a print medium nor a non-stop radio channel.
  • Think only about your audience. Not your management. You people are an expert in your subject. Your audience is little amused with your turnover in 1990.
  • Use Reality. People know stock footages and abstraction when they see one. Authenticity works. Reality touches them.
  • A great story is timeless. It creates magic. Never gets obsolete. The same is true with a powerful corporate video.
  • Quality Pays. Hire a vendor who has experience working at an international level. Today the competition is global. Your vendor should understand your needs and address them with a global perspective. Similarly, respect his experience in making corporate videos and leave the creative space for him.
  • Involve your customers. Your customers testify your story better than you bragging.
  • Connection emotionally. A video captures emotionally, it has energy, it motivates and engages the audience like no other medium.
  • Make it light. All work and no play will make your audience a dull customer. Bring in some playful moments into the video.
  • Keep the pace. Rapid change of visuals, music, tone of the voiceover, ideas will kill the monotony.
  • Makes heroes. Yes,  out of your Employees. Tell them to narrate their incredible experiences. It works.
  • Penny wise. Great graphics is captivating. But it needs time and efforts. Permit that freedom. A little extra pays  huge, a little less ruins it all.
  • Your interference is detrimental to creativity. Scripts are made so that every idea that is executed can be planned. Changing ideas often breaks the flow of thought. And eventually you a corporate film directed by you that looks similar to your POWERPOINT.